Rossendale Birth Centre is a free standing birth centre alongside Rawtenstall Health Centre where women with uncomplicated pregnancies can give birth supported by highly skilled midwives in a relaxed environment and are able to go home shortly after the birth.

There is a family centred approach with the emphasis on sensitive midwifery care.  Women are encouraged to move through their labour supported by skilled midwives and their choice of birth partners.  All staff encourage and promote physiological (natural) birth by recognising and respecting the process of normal birth. The evidence tells us that women who move around in labour and are in a relaxed environment require less pain relieving drugs and often progress through labour more quickly.

Rossendale birth centre is a small friendly unit offering families sensitive experienced care through their labour with two birth rooms, pool and mood lighting.

Attached to each birth room is a large private bathroom for you to use during your labour and following birth.

Midwives who work in the birth centre also work within Burnley Birth Centre and the local community, so often you may have met the midwife who looks after you during your birth. 

Midwives provide care to women in Rossendale birth centre 24 hours a day covering women during the night on an on-call basis. We have no restrictions on visiting and car parking is free. Care is continued in the home or via a clinic appointment following birth.

Rossendale Birth Centre operates 24 hours a day over 7 days and staff can be contacted via Burnley Birth Centre on 01282 803434 .

Rossendale midwives work within the birth centre at Rossendale during office hours Monday to Friday and cover the birth centre from Burnley Birth Centre and on-call facility at other times.

Midwives can be contacted at any time at Burnley Birth Centre on 01282 803434 for advice and support relating to pregnancy and time following birth


Mothers go home from the birth centre shortly following birth so there are no visiting times, we are family friendly so we encourage your family or friends to be with you to provide support.

Please bring whatever you wish to help you through labour, music, pillows and favourite foods may help.