What we do

The postnatal ward forms part of the Lancashire Women’s and Newborn centre at Burnley General Hospital, it prides itself in being a warm, friendly and clean environment in which you can get to know your new baby and start life as a family together with the support and guidance from our experienced maternity team.

The 38 bedded postnatal ward comprises of three zones, A, B and C. Zones B &C are equipped to also provide additional care to transitional care babies who have specific needs.

Included in the 38 bedded ward we have amenity rooms which although cannot be booked in advance may be requested at delivery, subject to availability. Your partner is welcome to stay with you overnight to help care for your baby but we ask they adhere to rules of etiquette if wishing to do so as per information leaflet.

During your stay on the postnatal ward our team of midwives will assess your needs on a daily basis. This assessment will include both yourself and your newborn baby. From this assessment the midwives will be able to tailor an individual care package that will meet all your physical and psychological needs in order to prepare you for discharge home and the transition into parenthood.

The midwives are supported by a team of midwifery support workers who help them care for our women and babies. A specially trained infant feeding team are also available to provide additional support and advice. Doctors are also available 24hrs a day if required. We have a strong focus on team working within the unit to promote good communication, safe, personal and effective care.

To compliment the midwives daily check your baby’s hearing will be assessed by our team of newborn hearing screeners. Your baby will also receive a full top to toe newborn examination from either a specially trained midwife or a paediatrician. This examination will include a check on your baby’s heart sounds, hips and provide an opportunity to discuss common problems and ailments that you may encounter in the postnatal period.

 The midwives caring for you will be able to advise you on the most suitable time for your discharge home. For some mums this may be an early discharge home on the same day as delivery if all is well and adequate support is available at home. It is recognised that pregnancy and delivery is a normal process and while the hospital environment is the chosen place for some women to deliver, postnatal care and recuperation is best in the home environment and it is advised support from your partner, family and friends is available on your return home. A 24 hour phone number is available for you to access midwifery advice and this will be given to you on discharge from hospital. You will also receive  follow-up care from the community team midwives.

How to access the service

Women who have given birth to their baby on the birth centres or delivery suite and need to stay in hospital for a longer time (for medical reasons or by choice) are transferred to our 38 bedded postnatal ward.

Where to find us

We are sign posted postnatal ward 10 and can be found on the ground floor in the Lancashire Women’s and Newborn Centre which forms part of the Burnley General Hospital.

Ward Manager

Rebecca Sessions

Key staff

Ward Matron – Tracy Thompson

Midwife Bed Manager – Varies on daily basis, located on Zone B.

Transitional Care Lead Midwife – Varies on a daily basis, located on Zone C.

General enquiries

Telephone Number: 01282 804010

Visiting times

Partners 24hrs a day.

Patients own children during the daytime.

Other visitors 3pm – 4pm.

                      7pm – 8pm

Patient’s children only, no other children allowed.

Additional information

Breakfast 7.30am

Lunch 11.30am

Evening Meal 4.30pm

The Tea trolley is available at mealtimes and approximately 10am and late afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Ask staff for water jugs at anytime.

There is also the restaurant, café, vending machines and WHSmith at Burnley General Hospital.