What we do

We provide the transportation of goods and services within the East Lancashire area and beyond, covering all hospitals sites, GP practices, and NHS clinics. The transport department also manages the shuttle bus service between Royal Blackburn and Burnley General and Pendle community hospital

Our team

  • A trained dedicated professional Portering and Transport service
  • Trained to high standards non-patient moving and handling
  • Trained to comply with all legislation such at the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Service all wards and departments Health Centres and other centres which house medical staff or clinics with the following: 

Providing the following Services

  • A fully compliant road transport operation
  • Competitively priced personal service
  • All within agreed customer turnaround times
  • Delivery and removal of linen
  • Delivery of Pulp items (bed pans, urinals, vomit bowels, etc)
  • Collection of specimens for delivery to the Pathology Laboratory
  • Delivery and Changing of medical gas cylinders
  • Delivery of Stores items such as new equipment, consumables, stationery, etc
  • Waste teams trained in the safe removal and segregation of waste  both clinical and non-clinical waste ensuring compliance with Road Transport  Legislation
  • Delivery of sterilised medical instruments
  • Collection of sterilised medical instruments within road transport legislation
  • Safe and secure transfer of medical records to other hospitals, clinics or schools
  • Delivery of post to Health Centres, GP’s etc around the East Lancashire Area
  • Regular scheduled delivery of specimens to specialist hospitals in Manchester all within the road transport legislation (Dangerous Goods)

For further information on transport services, please contact

Logistics Manager 01254 732237

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital 01254 732087  

Burnley General Teaching Hospital 01282 804567