Domestic services are provided across all Trust properties 365 days per year.  The Service is provided in line with cleaning frequencies and quality standards as detailed within the National Specification for Cleanliness. We are also developing a model that reflects the recently published PAS 5748.

We have also developed and provide an isolation discharge team service that deep cleans areas that have been occupied by patients that have been isolated prior to use by the next patient.

We also make available a rapid response team that is able to react to pressures within the Trust e.g. outbreak cleaning, spillages, decoration or refurbishment and ad hoc deep cleaning of non-clinical areas.

In addition to this; the team also cleans the hospital streets, stairwells and circulation areas.

We take quality very seriously and audit our service provision via an automated quality monitoring system called “credits for cleaning” the audit system involves the matron of the area being monitored verifying outcome results against specific targets.

The environmental cleanliness of the hospitals across East Lancashire is a key factor in patient choice, infection control and is a significant quality indicator for the Care Quality Commission, we pride ourselves that the services we deliver consistently provides a high quality service.