Published on: 14 October 2019

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Patients recovering from heart-related issues such as a heart attack will benefit from the use of a brand new cycle ergometer as part of their recovery, donated to Burnley General Hospital by the Burnley Hospital League of Voluntary Workers.

The donation, accepted by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust’s official charity, ELHT&Me, will be used to help patients build up fitness and stamina following a heart-related health incident.  The bike allows staff to monitor the initial heart health and fitness levels of a patient, and their progress as their rehabilitation progresses.

The new bike is specially designed to perform basic fitness testing and include an electronic display screen showing heart rate, time, distance, speed, and more. The bike will be based at Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at Burnley General Hospital, upgrading the existing equipment used by physiotherapy staff.

“Having the Monark ergometer will enable us to offer a range of exercise assessments to our patients in line with national best practice for cardiac rehabilitation”, said Pippa Sanson, a Physiotherapist in Cardiac Rehabilitation. “We are delighted to be able to develop the service in this way and very grateful to the volunteers who have worked so hard to provide it.”

Denise Gee, Fundraising Manager at ELHT&Me, said: “We were delighted to accept this donation from the Burnley Hospital League of Volunteers, as part of their ongoing work as friends of the Trust’s official charity.

“The League approached ELHT&Me to enquire about what high-priority piece of equipment was needed most at Burnley General Hospital, and we were able to request the bike. Doing this meant that the group purchased something that will be well used within the hospital and appreciated by patients and staff alike.”

Dorothy Riley, Secretary of the Burnley Hospital League of Voluntary Workers, said: “We were delighted to have been able to purchase this new piece of equipment for the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit and we hope it makes a big difference to patients not only from Burnley, but who are receiving treatment at Burnley General from across East Lancashire.”

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