When Darren Niman experienced a strange sensation in his left eye, his optometrist referred him immediately to Burnley General Teaching Hospital for surgery which saved his eyesight

Raising a child with complex long-term conditions is not easy. One mum tells of how the care and support provided by the Children’s Ward has taken the worry out of the future.

Katrina Krakowska, 32, lives in Colne with her two daughters Vanessa, eight and baby Kaya who was born on Valentine’s Day this year

After being diagnosed with the progressive muscle wasting condition Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in 2016, grandad Tony Plant reveals how he has “banked” his voice so he can still communicate in a recognisable way with his family after he loses it.

Coming to terms with a sudden, chronic illness and overcoming the many challenges it presents is made easier when NHS staff are “friendly, warm and professional”

Builder Steve Bradbury was delighted to avoid the need for radiotherapy and chemotherapy after having a cancerous tumour removed from his throat by robotic surgery at the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

As an important part of their patient’s long term rehabilitation, the Trust’s Critical Care Team set up a Follow-up Clinic to give patients the opportunity to discuss their critical care experience, ask any questions, assess their progress and, if required, arrange further support.