Latest blog posts from the CEO

Chief Executive Kevin McGee issues a weekly blog to discuss his thoughts on what has been happening within the Trust and also how national or even world events affect patients and staff here at ELHT. 

Posted: 6 December 2019
Christmas, Culture and Care

Hello everyone. Thank you all for coping so well, so professionally and...

Posted: 29 November 2019
Winter Is Coming!

Many of us awoke to a frosty start and the morning ritual of....

Posted: 22 November 2019
Celebrating Ambassadors, Heroes and Elmore!

I'm going to start with a final plea for everyone, yes everyone, to fill in the staff survey.

Posted: 15 November 2019
No time for negativity!

As ever, it’s been a busy and interesting week – nothing new there!

Posted: 8 November 2019
The 'Perfect Week' more ways than one!

Today we completed our ‘Perfect Week’ exercise. This has been an extremely intense piece of work....

Posted: 1 November 2019
It's good to be back!

I’m sure you know that for the past six months or so I’ve been mainly in Blackpool....

Posted: 25 October 2019
It's gonna be a Perfect Week!

Autumn – what a season. I love the colours of the trees and that stormy overcast blustery look that the weather can take on.