Latest blog posts from the CEO

Chief Executive Kevin McGee issues a weekly blog to discuss his thoughts on what has been happening within the Trust and also how national or even world events affect patients and staff here at ELHT. 

Posted: 31 January 2020
ELHT: the best PLACE for patients!

Given where we are in January this week’s four-hour emergency department performance has been fantastic....

Posted: 24 January 2020
Lets dust off the January blues!

This week, Deputy Chief Executive Martin Hodgson is feeling very positive!

Posted: 17 January 2020
Our Perfectly Busy Week

You may have heard that the latest Monthly A&E Attendance and Emergency Admission statistics show....

Posted: 10 January 2020
Let's wage a war on waste!

In this week's blog, Chief Executive Kevin McGee discusses reducing waste.

Posted: 3 January 2020
New Year, New Era!

It’s been an extremely challenging couple of weeks for our staff in so many departments across the Trust.

Posted: 20 December 2019
Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Hello ho ho and welcome to my last blog before Christmas

Posted: 13 December 2019
Change is in the air

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog on this post-election Friday....