In Memory

As part of making funeral arrangements, families sometimes wish to donate to a charity in celebration of their loved one’s life.
A memorial contribution may be made to ELHT&me, your local hospital charity if desired…

Create an In Memory Fundraising Page

Online fundraising is becoming increasingly popular, so you may wish to consider setting up an online page for funeral donations or to raise money in memory of your loved one at an event. By printing the JustGiving web page address on the Order of Service or fundraising materials, you can offer an easy alternative for those that wish to donate online.

JustGiving offers a safe and secure way of collecting donations and sponsorship monies online and enables you to set up a JustGiving In Memory page in a few clicks.  Monies raised are then automatically forwarded to ELHT&me. If you would like the monies raised to benefit a specific area of the hospital please just let us know in the information/notes section.

Donations In Lieu of Flowers at a Funeral


We know that when you lose someone you love, you want to cherish the memories you have and celebrate their life in the best possible way. Remembering a loved one through in memory donations to ELHT&me is a wonderful lasting and meaningful way to pay tribute to that special person.

You can choose to support any area of East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust from cancer care to stroke treatment, from state-of-the-art equipment to cutting-edge medical research, you can be sure that your donation will help the cause closest to you and your families heart.

If you are arranging a funeral and would like to suggest a donation to ‘ELHT&me’ to family and friends instead of a floral tribute, please speak to the funeral director. They will be able to offer you advice and will pass all donations received at the service onto the ELHT&me Charity to be used in the area of your choice.

We are able to provide donation envelopes for the funeral service and can send them either directly to you, to pass on to relatives, friends and colleagues, or we can post them to the funeral director so they will be available at the funeral or memorial service. The envelopes also give the donor the opportunity to sign for Gift Aid which generates an extra 25p to the pound on the gift. You can also request collection envelopes if family and friends wish to make private donations. When all donations have been received, we will inform you of the total amount raised in memory of your loved one.

Your support allows us to improve patient experience across East Lancashire.

Gift in Memory

Remembering a loved one through making a gift in their memory to East Lancashire Hospital Trust Charity is a wonderful way to celebrate their life.

A regular or single donation can make a difference for patients throughout the Trust and whichever area of the hospital you choose to support, from individual wards to specialisms, from state-of-the-art equipment to cutting-edge medical research, you can be sure that your donation will help the cause closest to you and your family’s hearts.  If you are unsure which area you would like to give a gift to, we have a main fund for those areas that are in the greatest need, a fund which is committed to improving patient experience across East Lancashire.

Regular giving can help provide on-going support for a ward, clinic or area which is close to your heart.

You can make a single or regular gift online here.

Donations can also be made by post with cheques or CAF vouchers made out to ELHT&me and sent to Park View Offices Level 1, Royal Blackburn Hospital, Blackburn, BB2 3HH

Please ask friends and family to include your loved one’s name and if you would like your gift to go to a particular ward or area please either write this on the rear of the cheque or in an accompanying letter.

Alternatively, you can create an Online In Memory Fundraising Page.

Remember them fondly

By holding a funeral collection you’ll make sure your loved one’s memory lives on through the work of East Lancashire Hospitals Trust. Because every time a patient needs our help they will be remembered in the care that is given.
Arranging funeral donations is very easy. You can do it through donation envelopes or by paying in a collection online.
When you use donation envelopes, you can raise 25% more at no extra cost because we can claim Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers.

How to order donation envelopes

Many people choose to ask for donations to East Lancashire Hospitals Trust in lieu of flowers in memory of a loved one.

We can send you special collection envelopes, making it easy for friends and family to donate at a funeral or memorial service.

Funeral directors are usually happy to collect the envelopes on your behalf and arrange for them to be sent to the ELHT&me.

To order donation envelopes, please get in touch with our in memory team – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

How to pay in a funeral collection

If you haven’t used donation envelopes, a quick and simple way to donate a funeral collection or make a one-off donation in memory is to use online donation or go to


In memory donations help improve patient experience across East Lancashire.

On behalf of all, who receive improved patient experience every day.


Thank you