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Reference Description Date Requested Date Replied Category
2019/09/12 Eldridge F Mattress Contract 12/09/19 10/10/19 Procurement
2019/09/12 Mallinson E Patient Record Sharing 12/09/19 09/10/19 Informatics
2019/09/12 Wagner D Temporary Staffing 12/09/19 10/10/19 Workforce
2019/09/12 Lloyd F Agency Nursing 12/09/19 10/10/19 Workforce
2019/09/11 Wardrop H SIRO/DPO/Caldicott Details 11/09/19 01/10/19 Workforce
2019/09/11 Wilven M Biomedical Scientists 11/09/19 09/10/19 Pathology
2019/09/11 Walmsley G Food Waste 11/09/19 09/10/19 Estates
2019/09/11 Tylko-Hill K RCOG Outpatient Hysteroscopy Leaflet 11/09/19 07/10/19 Procedures and Policies
2019/09/10 Saeed M Adult Multiple Myeloma 10/09/19 07/10/19 Clinical Services
2019/09/10 Warren S Patient Communication 10/09/19 07/10/19 Informatics

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