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Notice of appointment of external auditors for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust 2018


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Annual Report 2016/17

Annual Review 2016/17

Quality Strategy 2017-19

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Expenditure over £25,000

The Government has set out the need for greater transparency across its operations to enable the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account. This includes commitments relating to public expenditure, intended to help reduce the deficit and achieve better value for money.  

As part of this transparency agenda, the Government has made a number of commitments with regard to central government expenditure (Including the NHS). The Trust will publish Monthly Expenditure over £25,000 as part of the Government's agenda on transparency.

Monthly Expenditure over £25,000


File Name Month File Format
Spend over £25k- 2018February.csv February CSV
Spend over £25k- 2018January.csv January CSV



File Name Month File Format
Spend over £25k- 2017December.csv December CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017November.csv November CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017October.csv October CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017September.csv September CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017August.csv August CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017July.csv July CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017June.csv June CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017May.csv May CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017April.csv April CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017March.csv March CSV
Spend over £25k- 2017February.csv February


Spend over £25k- 2017January.csv January CSV



File Name Month File Format
Spend over £25k-2016December.csv  December CSV
Spend over £25k-2016November.csv  November CSV
Spend over £25k-2016October.csv  October CSV
Spend over £25k-2016September.csv  September CSV
Spend over £25k-2016August.csv  August CSV
Spend over £25k-2016July.csv July CSV
Spend over £25k-2016June.csv June CSV
Spend over £25k-2016May.csv May CSV
Spend over £25k-2016April.csv April CSV
Spend over £25k-2016March.csv March CSV
Spend over £25k-2016February.csv February CSV
Spend over £25k-2016January.csv January CSV


Organisational Structure

The Trust is the organisation responsible for providing high quality health services to meet the needs of the population of East Lancashire, working with partner organisations, patients, clinicians, providers, third sector organisations, local authorities and the voluntary sector.

The services we provide are for the health needs of East Lancashire and deliver improvements in health and care services to meet local needs.

Board Structures

The Trust Board is responsible for setting the overall policy and strategy for the Trust, for monitoring performance and maintaining the highest standards of public accountability.

Management Structures

Departmental Structures

Safe Staffing Data

burnley001.jpgIn its full response to the Francis Report, the government made a commitment that all NHS organisations with inpatient areas would publish full staffing data (by month / by ward level) from May 2014, and then on an ongoing monthly basis.

The intention of this is to show how trusts across the NHS ensure the safety of their staffing levels and skill mix.

Please see below for the Trust’s monthly ward staffing levels.




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