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East Lancashire want to listen and learn about your healthcare experiences, getting you involved at every stage of your care.

It's an exciting time to work together to improve your services so you should talk to ELLIE...

We need your feedback to make sure the improvements we're making meets your needs.


We want to capture the imagination of our public and users of our services so that they have a very clear understanding of how much we want to listen, involve and engage them in everything we do and learn from their experiences. To achieve this, we have developed the following core objectives:

  • To deliver very clear and understood messages to our local population about how to get involved with us
  • To make available the different channels of communication open to the public to get in touch with us
  • To produce a video that reflects the geographical area we cover and our diverse population
  • To instigate a recognisable brand to the campaign depicted by a character - Ellie - memorable imagery that will be easy to remember

Get Involved

We really need your help to improve the health services in East Lancashire.

There are many ways you can get involved.

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You said, We did

Your feedback has been valuable to us:


You said: "We want more care in the community"

We did: "We have now introduced more care in the community by introducing a new initiative 'Intensive Home Support Service' helping you to stay healthy at home".


You said: "Our hospitals need more nurses".

We did: "We have employed over 100 more registered nurses and other health care professionals".


You said: "Burnley General Hospital needs more beds".

We did: "We have now provided additional beds".


You said: "We want a more compassionate complaints service".

We did: "We now offer more face to face meetings".


You said: "We want an easily accesible Urgent Care Centre and Child development centre to be loacted in one place".

We did: "We have built a brand new Integrated Urgent Care Centre including Children's Minor Illness Unit and Child Development Centre".