When You Leave

From admission to hospital, staff will talk with you about any arrangements to be made in order to guarantee you a safe and satisfactory return home.

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  • A proposed discharge date will be agreed between yourself, the doctors, your named nurse and your relatives (if appropriate)
  • Other agencies involved in your care, for example social workers, will know the date of your discharge so that your follow-up care can be arranged. You may meet these staff during your stay
  • The medical staff will write a letter to your GP to describe the treatment you have received whilst in hospital
  • Transport home will only be provided after a clinical discussion for patients who are not capable of travel by any other means
    Following your hospital treatment, your care may need to continue at home and will then be provided by a range of community services. This will be arranged before you leave hospital
  • If necessary, an out-patient appointment will be made and either given to you before you leave the ward or posted to your home address
  • If you need transport for your next appointment, please check that this has been arranged before you leave the ward. If, however, your appointment is for more than four weeks ahead, please ask the Ward Sister or Charge Nurse for details of how to arrange transport