Your stay, what to bring?

When you arrive

On the ward you will be met by a nurse or the ward clerk who will show you where the facilities on the ward are situated. When you are admitted it is important that the hospital receives the name, address and telephone number of your next of kin/carer/partner, or that of a friend or neighbour. It is also important that we are informed of your home circumstances so that we can begin to plan for your safe discharge.

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What to Bring

You may wish to use this checklist as a guide to the items you will need in hospital

Shaving equipment [ ]

Hairbrush [ ] Comb [ ]

Denture Cleaner [ ]

Toothbrush [ ]

Toothpaste [ ]

Shampoo [ ]

Soap [ ]

Face Flannel [ ]

Underwear [ ]

Night clothes [ ]

Slippers [ ]

Dressing Gown [ ]

Towels [ ]

Paper tissue [ ]

Day wear [ ]

Sweeteners [ ]

Special shoes [ ]

National Insurance No [ ]

Pension book[ ]

Current medication [ ]

You may also like to bring aids to daily living e.g. walking sticks,
spectacles, sanitary pads, nappies. You can also, if you wish, bring
cordials, books, writing materials, postage stamps and some small

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Personal Possessions

The hospital cannot accept responsbility for cash or valuables left on the ward unless they are handed in to the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse who will give you an offical receipt and ensure they are safely stored. You are advised not to bring valuables into hospital and only to bring sufficient cash to cover the cost of newspapers, telephone calls etc.