Day Case Surgery

A day case patient will come into hospital, have their operation or treatment and go home the same day.  The Trust has two Day Case Units, one at Burnley General Hospital and one at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

What to expect

It is natural for you to feel nervous about coming on to our unit, but please try not to worry, we will do everything we can to help.  Due to the wide-ranging specialities and types of surgery that pass through the day case unit you may have some time to wait before it is your turn to go down to theatre.  Recovery time after your surgery and before you can go home will also vary; this can be as little as an hour or maybe as long as ten hours.  Please be prepared for these different waiting periods.

Before you come into the Day Case Unit

If you are having a general anaesthetic or sedation, you must have someone to escort you home from the unit in a car or be able to accompany you in a taxi and also have a responsible adult to be able to stay with you overnight when you go home.

Relatives and Friends

It would be appreciated if only one person accompanies you when you come to the Unit and drops you off and then returns later, when the nurse rings them to take you home.  Limited seating is available for patients but relatives/friends may be asked to stand.

Relatives are not able to stay with patients on the Unit as the environment is not favourable and other patient's privacy and dignity must be taken into account.

Special Needs

If you have any special needs which we should be aware of during your stay on the Unit (e.g. visual or physical impairment) please contact the Unit prior to, or immediately on your admission.

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