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East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust carries out in-patient, out-patient and same day procedures, for the local community and further afield. Patients come to our hospitals with a wide range of clinical needs from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

These pages contain information about what you can expect as an in-patient or out-patient and also information about the patient advice and liaison service (PALS) who can offer you on-the-spot help, advice or support.

You can also find out about patient and public involvement and how you can have your say in helping us to improve our services to patients.

We recognise that sometimes things don’t go as well as we would expect - and when this is your experience, we need to know. Find out more through these pages.

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Please note

Clinical Teaching and Other Learners

It is the hospital policy to assist medical students during their training. You may, therefore, be asked for them to be present during consultations, examinations and/ or procedures. You have the right to refuse if you wish.


Giving Feedback

The Trust is carrying out a survey to find out what patients think about the care they received when they were in hospital.  The Trust plans to use this feedback to improve patient’s experiences.  We will use the results of the survey to highlight areas where they perform well and to identify areas where they need to improve.


Patients who have stayed in hospital as an inpatient during July 2017 may receive a questionnaire asking about their experiences.  They will be asked about various aspects of their care including arrival at hospital, the quality of care and treatment, communication with doctors and nurses, information and the hospital environment.


Obtaining feedback from patients and taking account of their views is really important for bringing about improvements in the quality of care. 


People’s responses are anonymous and the results of the survey will be presented in a form that does not allow any answers to be identified.


For further information about the survey please contact the Patient Experience Team on 01254 733716.

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