NHS Counter Fraud Service

NHS Protect was established in April 2011 and is an independent Division of the NHS Business Services Authority and has responsibility for all policy and operational matters relating to the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption and the management of security in the National Health Service.
The strategic document Countering Fraud in the NHS, published in December 1998, sets out the comprehensive, integrated and professional approach to tackling all fraud and corruption in the NHS.  The Security Management Service strategy document A Professional Approach to Managing Security in the NHS was launched in December 2003.

NHS Protect is responsible for counter fraud advice and operational work concerning all allegations of serious fraud and corruption throughout the NHS in England and Wales and the Department of Health.  It plays particular attention to five of the generic areas within the published strategy document "Countering Fraud in the NHS", namely Prevention, Detection, Investigation, Sanction and Redress.  Through this action it supports work to deter fraud and the development of an anti fraud culture. Local Counter Fraud Specialists and NHS protects function is to find the truth or otherwise of any suspicion which arises.
NHS Protect’s regional office is based in St. Helen’s, however the Trust’s Local Counter Fraud Specialists are detailed below:





Jacqui Procter

Local Counter Fraud Specialist

0151 285 4798


Darrell Davies

Assistant Director of Fraud (Anti-Fraud)

0151 285 4520


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