Statement issued to the Mail on Sunday

Date: 05 January 2018


Please see below the statement that we released to David Rose of the Mail on Sunday on Friday. 



Date:  5 January 2018

Re: Leona Harris

Requested by: David Rose, Mail on Sunday

Christine Pearson, Executive Director of Nursing for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust said:

“ELHT is surprised and disappointed at the behaviour of Mrs Harris, and indeed her husband, in response to a fair and exhaustive process carried out by the Trust following an issue which arose last year. Throughout all of this, patient safety has been our absolute priority and we stand by all our actions and decisions on this matter.”

For information:

  • The Trust is concerned to protect its legal position and that of its employees, so is unable to make a fuller statement at this stage. We think it would be unfair on her colleagues and managers to publish a story based only on Mrs Harris’s allegations
  • We have conducted a thorough and transparent investigation of the bullying allegations brought by Mrs Harris and they were completely unfounded
  • We do not tolerate bullying as a Trust and will always encourage staff to speak up; we are certainly not aware of a widespread culture of bullying
  • In fact, our annual staff survey findings tell us that we are in the top performing 20% of NHS Trusts in the country in this regard, having amongst the fewest number of staff who feel they have/are being bullied. We firmly believe this is as a result of the supportive mechanisms we have in place for staff and the thorough and transparent way in which we deal with such concerns
  • We were only the second Trust in the country to appoint a ‘Freedom to Speak Up’ guardian. We are supportive of staff and very much encourage them  to come forward within the Trust if they do have concerns
  • We have done our utmost to support Mrs Harris and encourage her return to the work place including the offer of a number of different clinical positions within the Trust with the aim of supporting her back to work.


For further information, please contact Christine Hughes, Director of Communications and Engagement at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust on

01254 735997 / 07802 251667
or e-mail


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    ELHT have released this statement in light of today's coverage in the Mail on Sunday

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