Filming and Consent


This page explains the consent needed to film, interview or photograph a patient at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

We are dedicated to ensuring the privacy of our patients, therefore, full written consent MUST be obtained from the patient before any interaction takes place. In the event that the patient is a child, then written consent MUST be given by a parent or legal guardian only. In the case of the patient being a vulnerable adult then consent MUST be obtained by the legal next of kin. 

Parents and Families

We often receive requests from the media and local organisations wanting to take video footage or photographs in the hospital. NO children will be involved unless their parent or legal guardian agrees and gives full written consent. A member of the communications and engagement team will explain exactly what the photographs, footage or interview will be used for. Where material may be reused for a different purpose, the team will contact you to get permission again. However, if the photos or footage are taken by an outside organisation, we will not be able to control re-use. This, however, would be explained at the time if this were the case. 


If you are a media organisation wishing to take footage of any of our patients, we MUST obtain written consent as above. If you have your own consent forms that you need completing then please share these with the communications and engagement team prior to arriving so that we can ensure all requirements are met. If you would like to discuss this further with a member of the team then contact us.