Empathy - Compassionate Care at ELHT

Staff across all areas at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust are benefitting from a ground breaking video about empathy which underlines the Trust’s commitment to ensuring all patients receive safe, personal and effective care.

The video, which was filmed earlier this year and is entitled ‘Empathy – Compassionate Care at ELHT, is now being used extensively in staff training and induction sessions to underline the importance of empathy and promote the values of treating patients with respect, dignity and care.

The video was produced using local staff and patients to whom the Trust is very grateful and is now available to watch on the Trust website.
Jim Birrell, Interim Chief Executive, said: “Our new empathy video has been produced to demonstrate to both staff and patients the importance we place on holistic care. How we provide healthcare is as important as what we provide. The staff who have already seen the video felt humbled and moved when they watched it. We are now making it more widely available as part of our aim to be widely recognised for providing safe, personal and effective care.”