What is a Birth Centre?

Birth Centres are 'home from home' facilities that offer you and your family a relaxing and tranquil environment.

They are an ideal place for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies, who do not want a home birth, and yet dont want or need a hospital-like facility.

The centres are run by experienced midwives and maternity care assistants, who will support you to have your baby with minimum intervention. Research shows that you are more likely to have a normal birth, without need for medical intervention if you have your baby in a Birth Centre or at home.

If you are considering using a Birth Centre, please ask your midwife for more information.

If you choose to have your baby at a Birth Centre, you will receive antenatal care from your team of midwives either in the Birth centre of your choice or a community venue such as your GP surgery or local Children's Centre.

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The image above shows one of the birth rooms including a birth pool at Blackburn Birth Centre.

The image below shows Blackburn Birth Centre as you approach the entrance.

The second image shows the four bed rest area at Blackburn Birth Centre.

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