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Refer-to-Pharmacy is now a Patient Safety Award winning initiative being the recipient of the Best Emerging Technology or IT award at the 2016 Patient Safety Congress.

Refer-to-Pharmacy allows hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to refer you directly to your community pharmacist for free NHS services such as the New Medicine Service or a Discharge Medication Review.

Not all referral systems are the same. Most are ineffectual but sound the same in principle. A Model-T Ford and a Ford Focus both have 4 wheels an engine and go from A to B – they sound the same, but they’re not the same –which would you rely on day in and day out to get to work and back.

ELHT started off the referral journey relying on patients taking their discharge letters to their community pharmacists in person – it didn’t work. An article in the Pharmaceutical Journal compares current systems around the world – judge for yourself. A greater exploration of Refer-to-Pharmacy can be found in this article from Pharmacy Magazine.

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