Audiology (Paediatric)

Paediatric Audiology

What we do

The Paediatric Audiology Service is delivered by a team of professionals with specialist training in assessing and managing hearing loss in children. The service also has a newborn hearing screening team which screens babies at birth for hearing loss. 

East Lancashire Paediatric Audiology Service has a long history and is well established and highly respected with the consultant in charge having over 25 year’s experience in hearing assessment and management of children with hearing loss.

The national Quality Assurance assessment carried out every 18 months by the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme has reported that our services offer a good standard of family friendly care in all aspects assessed including;

•    Families are able to make informed choices about screening uptake
•    Screening and diagnostic services are effective and carried out to a high standard
•    Results are communicated to parents/guardians effectively
•    Families are given comprehensive support post-diagnosis
•    Responsibilities for recording and reporting performance are clear  

The department’s performance against the national Key Performance Indicators for access to Newborn Screening assessments are both above the national average standard set. 

All parents receive a copy of the report after their child has been seen at the Audiology Clinic.

How to get an appointment

Any parent or carer who has concerns about their child’s hearing can contact the clinic and make a self-referral – this is an open access service. We also welcome telephone consultations with parents and professionals.

All members of the team are expected to return calls within 1 working day and we work very closely with the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department, Speech and Language, Specialist Children’s Doctors and Teachers of the Deaf.

We are always happy to have other professionals in our clinics to broaden the understanding of Paediatric audiology and how we assess Childrens’ hearing.

How to find us

Screening programme for babies born in East Lancashire:

                        Lancashire Women and Newborn Unit, Burnley General Teaching Hospital

                        Burnley Birth Centre

                        Blackburn Birth Centre

                        Rossendale Birth Centre


Hearing Tests for children aged 0 to 16 years (extended to 18 years for those with learning difficulties):

                       St Peters Centre, Burnley

                        Accrington Community Victoria Hospital

                        Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

                        Barbara Castle Way, Blackburn      

                        Bacup (outreach not all facilities)


Hearing aid provision – fitting of hearing aids and regular monitoring of children using hearing aids:

                        St Peters Centre, Burnley

                        Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

                        Barbara Castle Way, Blackburn


Specialist follow up for babies referred from the new born screen:

                        St Peters Centre, Burnley

                        Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital


Telephone Consultations are available for parents of children under care of the service


All appointments at above locations are outpatient.


Contact us

For general enquiries

Tel: 01282 805882

E mail:


Opening Times

Office opening 8.45 am to 5.00 pm (4.30 Friday)

Clinic appointments from 9 am to 4 pm