Maternity Services


At your first appointment with your midwife you will be able to discuss the various places where you can have your baby.

If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, and no medical problems, your options will range from giving birth at home or in a Birth centre, with support from experienced midwives, to consultant led care in the hospital.

You do not need to make a decision until late in your pregnancy and wherever you choose to have your baby, we aim for you to have a positive and satisfying birth experience.

We are one of a small number of maternity services nationally that is able to offer a full range of choice of place of birth, including:


Burnley 295

Quality Markers

  • All our facilities are clean, modern facilities all newly purpose built in the last 3 years.

  • Birthing pools are available in all the birth centres and on the birth suite

  • Over 6500 women choose to have their babies at ELHT in the last 12 month

  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC) visited the Lancashire Women and Newborn centre (LWNC)  in autumn 2012 and gave us excellent feedback;  all  the quality standards which we were assessed against were met

  • We have been awarded the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation since 1998. This means we consistently demonstrate best practice standards around infant feeding and relationship building within maternity services. 

  • Positive feedback from women and families who have used our services

Services and Treatments provided

What we offer:

    • Full range of choice of place of birth
    • Antenatal clinics (including clinics at Blackburn and Rossendale)
    • Ultrasound scan facilities (Burnley, Blackburn & Rossendale)
    • Specialist medical antenatal clinics (for women with medical conditions such as Diabetes)
    • Specialist multiple pregnancy (twins & triplets) clinic
    • Antenatal day unit (Burnley and Blackburn)
    • Central Birth Suite with High Dependency area
    • Three Birth Centres (Burnley, Blackburn & Rossendale)
    • Antenatal & Postnatal Community Midwifery Services
    • Home birth service
    • Triage
    • We have now started offering remifentanil PCA as an alternative to epidural in labour.


DSC 3741


For maternity services there are specific Risk Management Standards set by the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST - Insurance) which measure the clinical quality and safety of the sevices being provided.

We achieved Level 2 when externally assessed against CNST Maternity Risk Management -Standards in 2011 demonstrating that robust risk management processes are in place in the service, and that safe and high quality care is given.

The service is being assessed against the Level 3 criteria (highest level that can be achieved) in 2013.

The length of time that a Consultant is present  on the birth suite is in line with national guidance

RCM Midwifery award


EMPOWER-( Empowering mothers providing options with education and relaxation)

This is an exciting brand new programme that is being offered by LWNC to pregnant parents. The programme consists of two audio downloads. These can be purchased at a cost of £5 for both downloads

The downloads consist of information about;

Our fight/flight response, what is this? How it works and how this can affect how we feel

How a woman’s body works during labour using visualisation in an easy to understand manner

Relaxation scripts to listen and relax to. These can be used during pregnancy labour and birth.

How to order

Please Email and full instructions of how to purchase will be emailed to you.

Please ensure you have provided us with your


  • RXR (Hospital) number
  • How many weeks pregnant you are
  • How you heard about EMPower


If you have any questions at all regarding EMPower please contact Maria or Sarah on Antenatal clinic at BGH on 01282 804374

Or Gillian at Blackburn Birth Centre on 01254 733434

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