Location of maternity services

Antenatal Care:

  • Community antenatal clinics in health centres, children’s centres and GP surgeries
  • Consultant clinics – at Burnley, Blackburn & Rossendale
  • Scans – Burnley, Blackburn & Rossendale
  • Medical antenatal clinics – Burnley & Blackburn
  • Multiple pregnancy clinic – Burnley
  • Antenatal day unit – Burnley & Blackburn
  • Antenatal ward - Burnley


Care for labour and birth:

  • Home birth service (Midwife led)
  • Free-standing birth centres at Blackburn & Rossendale (Midwife led)
  • Alongside birth centre at Burnley (Midwife led)
  • Central Birth Suite (Consultant led)

Postnatal Care:

  • Postnatal ward at Burnley
  • Community postnatal service
  • Postnatal clinics in the birth centres at Burnley & Blackburn

Services at Burnley are delivered from Lancashire Women’s and Newborn Centre on Burnley General Hospital site.

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