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The Trust’s Cancer Services Directorate sits within the Division of Surgery and Anaesthetic Services and delivers surgical and non-surgical (eg chemotherapy) cancer services across all the different tumour groups for all major types of cancer.  The Directorate consists of many staff who all work together to ensure the Trust delivers high quality cancer care to all our patients.  The Directorate is lead by a team comprising of a lead consultant (surgeon), lead cancer nurse and lead cancer manager. An executive director of the Trust Board is identified with ultimate responsibility and accountability for ensuring the Trust meets all the NHS standards for the delivery of cancer care.

The service is delivered through individual tumour specific multidisciplinary teams (MDTs).  A cancer multidisciplinary team is a group of doctors, nurses and other health professionals (eg a speech and language therapist) who meet to review individual patient’s symptoms and their test results to collectively agree the best course of treatment.  Each MDT has a clinical lead (usually a cancer surgeon) and a MDT Coordinator who provides the team with administrative support, ensuring all test results and case notes are available for the team to review at these meetings.  Patients are contacted after the meeting, usually by attending a clinic appointment, where they are invited to participate and share in the team’s opinion but importantly to personally agree their individual treatment plan with their doctor.

In addition to the cancer doctors, nurses and other health professionals employed by the Trust, there are six visiting Oncologists (doctors specialising in non-surgical treatment for cancer patients) who come to the Trust  from the local Cancer Centre (the ‘Rosemere Cancer Centre’ based at the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).  These doctors hold out patient clinics and supervise the delivery of chemotherapy which is provided locally on both the Royal Blackburn and Burnley General Hospital sites but also at the  ‘Rosemere Centre’.  The Head of the Trust’s Chemotherapy Services is one of these visiting Oncologists who works with the  Trust’s chemotherapy nursing staff and the Trust’s pharmacy department.  The Oncologists also prescribe radiotherapy where required which is delivered at the ‘Rosemere Centre’.

Plans for the future include the proposal for the Trust to employ its own Consultant Oncologists who would work with the visiting Oncologists to expand the current provision of cancer services. 

The Cancer Directorate is fully compliant with submitting all cancer data requirements to various national bodies to ensure achievement and monitoring of all national waiting time and clinical standards.

For further details on a particular tumour group, please also refer to the speciality page on this webpage.

What we offer

Cancer Out Patient Clinics
Cancer Surgery
Chemotherapy for cancer patients
Acute Oncology Service

Where to find us

Out Patient Clinics at Burnley General and the Royal Blackburn Hospital sites.

Surgery at Burnley General and the Royal Blackburn Hospital sites.

Chemotherapy for cancer patients at Burnley General and the Royal Blackburn Hospital sites.

Acute Oncology at the Royal Blackburn Hospital site.

More about us

The Trust participates in the National Cancer Peer Review programme. This is an annual  exercise where each Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) has to submit external evidence to show its compliance against a national list of clinical standards.  During the last 2 years, the Trust has achieved a high level of compliance against these standards and not been issued with any notices of Immediate Risk.  The MDT annual self assessment reports and the performance scores against each of these standards is now published on a webpage available to the general public called “My Cancer Treatment”.  The webpage was released in December 2012 and it enables the general public to not only view how each of the Trust’s MDTs are performing but enables direct comparison with MDTs in other Trusts in England also providing cancer services. Access can be found at the link on the right of the screen.

One exciting development is completing the establishment of our acute oncology service.  An acute oncology service is a way of identifying cancer patients who may present at either of our hospitals as an emergency so they are seen quickly by a member of a cancer team to ensure any complications they may suffer are treated immediately.  Currently the Cancer Directorate employ two senior acute oncology nurses who visit our emergency areas and our wards daily to provide support and help to such patients.  During the next 12 months the Trust is looking to appoint our own  oncologists to complete this development.  Our local commissions have worked with us on establishing this new service including providing financial support.

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