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Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are doctors who are specially trained to work with children and young people when they have problems related to how they feel, think or behave. Sometimes they will prescribe medication if needed and will usually be involved if a young person needs to go into hospital.

Clinical Psychologists

The Clinical Psychologists who work in ELCAS all have special training about how children and young people develop as they grow up. They have an understanding about how young people think, feel and behave in different situations such as home and school. Sometimes they will work just with the young person but often it will be with the parents or whole family too.

Many psychologists who work in ELCAS are also called doctor but this is different to the medical doctors.

Mental Health Practitioners

Mental Health Practitioners come from a range of professional backgrounds. In ELCAS many of our Mental Health Practitioners are trained as Social Workers or Mental Health Nurses and who now have a special interest in working in young people who are experiencing difficulties. They have a wide range of skills, understanding and knowledge, enabling them to work closely with all members of the team. They can help young people and their carers to work out practical ways of coping with upsetting things, they can provide lots of information and advice, and work with everyone involved to find positive steps forward.

Several of our mental health practitioners also have qualifications and experience in different types of specialist therapies.

Family Therapists

These are specially trained professionals who have had lots of experience working with young people and families. Their main role is to work with the young person and members of their family (and people important in the young person’s life) to help everyone understand their relationships with each other better and to improve communication between them. Working in this way often helps to understand what the problems are, and find ways of working together, to make them better.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapists (CBT)

CBT Therapists have had special training in a type of therapy that is concerned with how people think, feel and how this affects what they do. The CBT Therapists have really good skills in understanding why we sometimes keep making the same mistakes or doing things which are unhelpful to us, and have ideas about how this might be able to be changed.

Play Therapists

Play Therapists have had special training in working with children and young people using play. Play therapy can help children find ways to express their thoughts and feelings or experiences in a safe way and at their own pace.

Art Therapists

Art Therapists have had special training in art, and how making art can help people express themselves in a different way to using just words. The Art Therapist will help young people find ways to communicate and think about their experiences and thoughts through painting, drawing or making models.

Occupational Therapists (OT)

Occupational Therapists or OTs are mostly concerned with how your problems are affecting your everyday life and the things you need to do on a regular basis. They can help you find ways to start taking control of important things in your life so that you feel happier and more confident. They can also help you identify what makes you feel good and set new goals to help keep you well.